Terms & Conditions of hire:  Express Van Hire 2018 Harris Park Old Airport Road Cloghran Co Dublin.

1.Drivers Licence
All Vans can be rented on the standard class B driver’s licence. All Drivers must be in possession of a full clean drivers licence held for at least 2 years.

2.Child Seats
Child, Baby or Booster seat are not permitted in commercial vehicles

3.Fuel Policy
All vehicles are rental full of fuel. We recommend that the vehicle is returned full on completion of rental. If the vehicle is not returned full we will charge for the refuelling.

4.Kilometre Allowance
Your rate includes 250 free kilometres per day for 0- 1 days and 200 free kilometres per day for 2-5 days 150 free Kilometers for 6-8 Days and 125 free kilometers for 9-28 days or thereafter. Anything additional kilometres to this will be charged at .15c P/KM Inc VAT.

5. Own Insurance only
If you have your own comprehensive insurance policy you may wish to transfer this onto the rental vehicle, you should ask your insurance broker/company if they will allow you to:-
1. A temporary substitution: if you wish to use the hire vehicle while not using your car.
2. A temporary addition: if you wish to use the hire vehicle and your car at the same time.
We must receive confirmation of insurance coverage in writing (E-Mail) info@expressvan.ie Before we can release the vehicle. Please contact us on 01-8625863 for more information. It should be noted that there is a variable excess on commercial vehicles depending on the vehicle reserved, this means that if you damage the vehicle you are liable for this excess amount Usaully €500 Euro.

6. Payment/Damage deposit
We accept all major Credit Cards and Visa Debit. There must be sufficient funds to meet the rental charges, the fuel capacity and any relevant excess amount. We hold a Damage Deposit of €500 euros this is a pre authorize on the Credit or debit card if the van is returned damaged this deposit will be held and charged to cover the repairs required or the excess on your insurance policy if the damage exceeds the €500 euros. When Payment is paid by credit card, I agreethat: Express van hire is irrevocably authorized to complete any documentation and to take any other action to recover from my credit card issuer all amounts due in respect to damage to the vehicle or to property of a third party and all other additional charges as they are incurred (including all parking and traffic infringment penalties, road toll fines, Congestion charges, and associated administration costs).

7. Driving
The vehicle is covered to be driven on the island of Ireland only. We reserve the right to charge for all expenses incurred from incidents from misuse of the vehicle which include but not limited to:-
• Incorrect Fuel in the Vehicle
• Keys lost or locked into the vehicle
• Punctures, Wheel damage and off road recovery
• Clutch Damage

8. Fair Usage Policy
We rent this vehicle based on a fair usage policy; this means that we expect to receive the vehicle back in the same condition as we gave it to you. Unacceptable activity or misuse will void all insurances and the renter will be responsible for all costs in rectifying the vehicle condition and all third party costs.

9. Fines and Penalties
You will be responsible for any costs of parking fines or others penalties incurred whilst you rent the vehicle. We reserve the right to make reasonable charges for our time incurred and the administration costs involved in processing any fines and/or penalties. At present our administration charge for processing any fines and/or penalties is €35.

10. Return of the Vehicle
The grace period for returning the vehicle is 29mins after the specified return time. If you return the vehicle later than the time you will be billed for a full day rental.

11. Toll Charges
The National Roads Authority has introduced a ‘No Barrier Tolling" system on the Dublin M50 motorway between Junction 6 (N3 Blanchardstown) and Junction 7 (N4 Lucan). There is no toll barrier or tolling booth stand therefore no cash payment facility at the tolling point. All Hertz vehicles have been registered with the Toll Operator and therefore Hertz will be charged automatically for each toll incurred. A Toll Fee of EUR €3.80 and up to €5.10 per usage will be charged to you by Hertz. Hertz will be advised after the rental of the toll charge accrued for each rental and will charge your credit card separately.
IMPORTANT: Please do not pay these charges directly as this will result in duplicate payment which will be impossible to identify.IMPORTANT: Please do not pay these charges directly as this will result in duplicate payment which will be impossible to identify.

12. Goods and Payloads
We are not responsible for damage caused to cargo regardless of how it occurs; we are in no way responsible for water ingress into load areas, theft of goods or any damage done by incorrect loading and insufficient packaging. In signing the rental agreement the customer agrees to this. Vehicles are given payload levels – it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that these limits are not exceeded. All costs and charges incurred by customers who have been stopped for an overloaded vehicle are the customers own. Also all repairs required by misuse by overloading will be the full responsibility of the renter.

13. Other Documentation
In addition to your photo ID Drivers Licence you will need to provide a valid form of identification such as a utility bill detailing your current home address as per the drivers licence. The documentation must be no older than 3 months old prior to the start of the hire and must be the original document. Photocopies will not be accepted.

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